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The Limited Edition Echo-Sigma Alien Hunter Survival Bag. We made only 5 of this bag.  First come first serve! This is the only one on the market.  This HIGH END Survival Bag is the only bag to "See Them Aliens". We made the Mother of All Alien bags complete with the following:

  1. Echo-Sigma Cordura Backpack (will fit a laptop inside) 
  2. Echo-Sigma Complete Compact Trauma Kit
  3. Dark Energy-Poseidon Power Bank
  4. Mira- CM-6M gas mask with filter
  5. Fenix- Headlamp
  6. SOG- fixed blade Seal Pup Knife
  7. Midland 210 Radio
  8. Midland 2 way Radio's
  9. SOG- Fasthawk
  10. SOG-Jungle Primitive Hatchet
  11. Nite-Ize- Bug Lit
  12. Emergency Blanket
  13. Emergency Cocoon Sleeping Bag
  14. Pepper Spray
  15. Waterproof Matches
  16. Live Fire- sport
  17. Duct tape
  18. Bic Lighter
  19. Compass
  20. 2 Light sticks
  21. Bic Pen
  22. Gerber- spoon/fork combo
  23. Emergency Poncho
  24. Emergency Mirror
  25. GSI- Stainless drinking cup
  26. Tactical medical solution- Pole-less casualty evacuation liter
  27. Echo-Sigma Patch
  28. Alien Hunter Patch
  29. Echo-Sigma Dust Cover
  30. 2.5 Liter Water Hydration Pack

It will also hold your Laptop!!!

You will find nothing like it on the market! This is loaded with High End Survival Gear!